About “उनाड”

Unaad (उनाड) – Unaad in Marathi means one who roams just to waste time, who wanders aimlessly.

Every time I would roam with my friends my mother would call me Undaga (Roaming, good-for-nothing fellow). Now when I have grown up and most of the time do not need her permission, I just tell her “Undagayala” chalalo (Going to roam)

Its been more than 6 years since I got interested in photography. I have been lucky to click some good photo which I call “lucky” photos. I did not plan them to be good but fortunately they turned out to be good to keep my interest in photography alive.

Things Changed and more investments went into Photography.

I have self-taught photography, learning through the trial and error method. I have understood photography through Internet, through Youtube and through books. Sometimes getting “inspired” I try my own shots.

Most of the times, I let my instincts and imagination to click a moment and it works, sometimes!

Over the years, I have gone on a clicking spree taking as many photos possible, capturing as many moments possible. “Unaad” are those moments revisited again. Behind every photo there is a story and for every photo there are memories. Although not an interesting story nevertheless its a story.

The photos remained on my hard drive finding their way sometimes on Orkut/facebook. It was during a trip with my friend, Vijay Bhagirath that the idea of Unaad was born. I decided to stick to atleast 1 photo a day and have been able to keep the pace.

Hopefully it would stay!

So here I am posting a picture everyday at 9:30 AM IST. It surely has become a habit!

And then I got married. My Wife, Amodita shares my love for photography clicking from her own camera or just snatching the camera from my hand. She learns and I become the expert. Together between us, we click hundreds of photographs.

Its about time when I change her name from guest photographer to main contributor. The journey just became interesting together.

Some pictures are good, some bad and some pathetic. But they are all here!

Looking back at this pictures, I roam back in my past, reliving the life I once had. There is no theme, no aim and no prize at the end. Just memories captured for ever!

Chala! Undgayala jau!!!

5 comments on “About “उनाड””

  1. Fundoo Pundu!

  2. sahi hai bhai.
    sahi ja raha hai. 🙂
    it is turning out good as we spoke. However, abhi categorised nahin hai? or do you want to go free flow?

  3. Hi there….

    I havent seen all your photos but will save your blog in my fav list nve a look at them when free. I too love to click photos and have been doing that since 2002 when i got a digital camera. Have a look at some of my photo when your free.

    Btw I am a Civil engineer so most of my photos tend to be of construction sites. What do you do for a living. Do mail me when your free.

    My Links – http://latestphotosofbwslpprogress.shutterfly.com/



    Take care n keep clicking those photos.

  4. Hello, would like to show your photography works to the readers at http://www.photograteur.com. Please send me an email to discuss. sboblog (at) rambler (dot) ru

  5. are you on Fb/twitter as well?

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